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lorna jane named oxfam nicest brand in the annual 2022 naughty or nice list

“We applaud all the brands that have made that commitment, but one in particular stood out this year for all the right reasons. We congratulate Lorna Jane, which we’ve declared the ‘nicest’ brand on our list. It’s the only brand that has already completed and published the results of a wage gap analysis.” Oxfam Media Release

At Lorna Jane, we are serious about social accountability, ethical sourcing, and our responsibilities as a producer of fashion under the Australian Government’s Modern Slavery Act 2018.​ We are focused on continuous improvement and investment in our ethical sourcing program, and this includes a commitment to paying a living wage for all involved in the manufacture of our products.​ We have also adopted a Modern Slavery Statement as part of our compliance with the Australian Government regulations. This Statement is our primary reporting method.​

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