Retro Revival

Taking inspiration from our favourite eras in fashion, 70s prints are mixed with 90s silhouettes in the second drop of our August collection.

A truly retro revival, this drop delivers athletic looks that will effortlessly take you from the studio to the streets with vibrant, bold graphics and a mix of new and loved fabrics.

Power Fit Transdry Relaxed Tee + Retro Revival Bike Shorts

Wrap It Up Linen Shirt + Retro Revival Bike Shorts

Layer Up Sports Bra + Aloe Vera Cropped Long Sleeve Top + 1989 Original Sport Spray Jacket

LJ Hydrate Capsule

Aloe Vera extraction, infused into your favourite N2CH and Bare Minimum Fabrics to promote more hydrated and moisturised skin.

The infusion contains properties that will soothe and nourish your skin, allowing you to step out of your Activewear with more radiant skin.

Boasting a 20-wash durability (of the aloe-vera properties) our LJ Hydrate styles offer you a multi- functional wear experience.