Buy Better, Not More

Here at Lorna Jane, we thoroughly performance test our product through weekly fits, in-house product testing, and commercial standard testing. Our garments are tried on at every stage of their development, from first fit to bulk production, going through adjustments to ultimately produce the best fit.

We also conduct in-house wear testing across various body sizes and exercises to ensure it exceeds expectations for its intended purpose. To officially test the product, we use a commercial standard to assess stretch and recovery, pilling, colour fastness, moisture wicking, abrasion, and wash testing. All of this testing is conducted to ensure you have the best possible garment for your active living.

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Embrace Sustainability with Lorna Jane’s ‘Buy Better, Not More’ Philosophy

Discover Lorna Jane’s commitment to sustainability through the 'Buy Better, Not More' initiative. This philosophy encourages mindful purchasing, focusing on high-quality, durable activewear that lasts longer, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

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The Importance of Quality Over Quantity

Lorna Jane believes in creating activewear that stands the test of time. By investing in quality pieces, you not only enhance your wardrobe with durable items but also contribute to reducing environmental impact. Each piece is designed with superior fabrics and craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and sustained performance.

Sustainable Practices in Production

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our production processes. Lorna Jane uses eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques. This approach minimises waste and reduces the environmental footprint of each product, ensuring that our activewear is as kind to the planet as it is to you.

How You Can Make a Difference

Adopting the 'Buy Better, Not More' mindset means choosing quality over quantity. Invest in versatile, timeless pieces that you love and will wear repeatedly. This practice not only supports sustainability but also helps you build a better, more practical workout wardrobe.


Q: What does 'Buy Better, Not More' mean?
A: It means prioritising high-quality, durable products over buying in excess, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Q: How does Lorna Jane ensure the quality of its activewear?
A: Lorna Jane uses premium fabrics and superior craftsmanship to create long-lasting, high-performance activewear.

Q: What sustainable practices does Lorna Jane follow?
A: We use eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes to minimise our environmental impact.

Q: How can I adopt the 'Buy Better, Not More' philosophy?
A: Focus on purchasing versatile, high-quality pieces that you will wear often and for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Q: Why is buying better important for sustainability?
A: It reduces waste and environmental impact by encouraging the purchase of durable, long-lasting items rather than frequently replacing lower-quality products.