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13 May, 2023 | MNB TEAM


How To Choose The Right Running Gear

There is something about running that is addicting. From the moment you lace up your shoes to the second you take your last stride, it gives a feeling of freedom and excitement that just can’t be put into words.

But, as we all know, this feeling can quickly disappear when you’re wearing uncomfortable running clothing or ill-fitting running gear. Instead of enjoying your run, you are consumed by the discomfort of pulling up your pants and pulling down your shirt, all whilst juggling your keys and phone!

In this article we’ll dive into the important of running gear, what running gear even is and how to find the right running gear for you.

What is running gear?

Running gear refers to clothing, shoes, and running accessories that are specifically designed for runners. With running being such a high-intensity form of exercise, it is important you have the right equipment, clothing and accessories that are designed for this activity.

The right running gear or running clothes, will be high-performance pieces that have been specifically designed to support your movement and keep you comfortable while on-the-go. When we refer to running gear, this can include everything from moisture-wicking shirts and shorts to comfortable and supportive running pants.

How do running clothes make a difference?

It's no secret that investing in the right gear can change your whole running experience. One of the main benefits of running clothes is their breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. At Lorna Jane, our innovative fabric technology can help to regulate your body temperature and reduce friction like no other. This is especially a game-changer in our running leggings, preventing you from experiencing chafing! The result is more comfort and better all-around performance on your runs.

At Lorna Jane, our curated running clothes collection has also been designed to move with every aspect of your body. This gives you your full range of motion when you run, allowing you to achieve goals you never thought were possible.

What are the best clothes to wear when running?

When you are starting your running gear journey, it can be hard to decide what types of activewear to buy. But don’t get stuck sacrificing style for functionality in your running clothing or running accessories. Feel confident in how you move with our top tips and tricks for selecting the right running gear for you:

Know the type of running you enjoy

The running clothes you select is dependent on the type of running you enjoy:

For instance, if you enjoy running in the early morning or at night, then reflective running gear might be your best choice. This type of reflective activewear helps to keep you visible in low-light situations, making your runs safer. At Lorna Jane, we have created an exclusive reflective animal print fabric in our latest collection using active AOP technology. This was made with the aim of keeping women seen while exercising and on top of this, it also looks amazing for regular wear in the daylight too!

On the other hand, you may love trail running. As this is an endurance-based activity, this will need some trail running gear that can brace the tough Australian climate. From durable leggings to supportive sports bras and snug-fitting sneakers, you will need activewear that can travel with you and go the distance.

Start simple

Running Shorts:

When you are selecting your activewear for running, it’s best to first start with getting the basics down. For a go-to pair of pants, compression running leggings will be vital for reducing bounce and friction as you run. We recommend selecting a pair with internal pockets to hold your keys and phone, so you don’t have to juggle personal items while on the run.

Alternatively, if you live in a warmer and more tropical climate such as Queensland, a good pair of bike shorts will become your go-to running companion. Our no-ride bike shorts specifically are designed to not roll up or move as you run, so you don’t have to stop to adjust every couple of minutes (talk about a game-changer!).

Or if you’re not a fan of bike shorts, our running shorts are also a favourite. Featuring in-built pockets, flattering fits and a supportive short design, running shorts are a foundational piece within any runner’s activewear collection.

Running Tops

Next, it’s time to level up your support whilst on the move with a running sports bra. We recommend a maximum-support and high-impact sports bra to limit breast movement and provide enough compression to reduce discomfort while running. Our maximum-support running sports bras also feature adjustable straps so you can tailor the fit to suit your style.

To complete your base, select either a loose or tight running shirt depending on your running style. While loose shirts are great for keeping you cool in hot weather, a tight shirt is ideal for increasing blood flow and oxygen during long runs. Or a cute running tank top blends together the best of both worlds providing enough airflow whilst featuring a flattering silhouette to instantly elevate your running style.

No matter your choice, aim for a running shirt or running tank top with moisture-wicking properties to keep you comfortable all run long.

Add some layering

Now that you’ve got your base down, it’s time to layer. Layering is ideal in colder conditions, when your run just isn’t enough to make your body warm up. Think a chilly Melbourne winter morning, a crisp evening in Queenstown or cold LA day – sometimes your running basics just aren’t enough!

If streetwear is your thing, consider looking into a running puffer jacket – the perfect outerwear companion for a morning run or evening jog. Otherwise, for a piece that’s easy to chuck around the waist mid-run, a running jacket or hoodie could be your go-to.


When selecting running accessories, think about function first. In the winter, this could mean opting in for some thermal running gloves to keep your fingers toast warm. Alternatively, investing into a hat is also a great option to keep sun-safe in the Australian sun. Or our wireless earphone straps are a great option for those whose headphones keep falling out as they run. Remember, the key to styling your running gear is to keep it functional and minimalistic, while adding your own personal touches to create a unique look.

We also recommend trying out some new accessories and finding what works best for you. Whilst some prefer a visor and ponytail combination to keep the hair out of the face, others prefer a simple baseball hat for extra sun safety. Mix and match pieces to create your own signature running style.

Explore our running range today

Running apparel is an essential part of any running routine. With Lorna Jane's contemporary range of flattering women’s running gear, you can stay comfortable and stylish no matter where your run takes you. Check out our full range to find your perfect fit today.

Running Clothes FAQs

What is reflective activewear?

Reflective activewear is a game-changer in the fitness world. It's designed to keep you visible in low light conditions, making it safer for you to exercise outside. At Lorna Jane, our reflective clothing does this by using an exclusive reflective print, designed to reflect light from street and car headlights. This makes our reflective gear perfect for staying safe while smashing out our early morning run or heading for a quick walk after work!

How should I dress for running in the rain?

Running in the rain can be a fun and refreshing experience, but it does require the right wet weather running gear to stay safe and comfortable. At Lorna Jane, we recommend wearing activewear with moisture-wicking fabric to prevent your clothes from getting heavy and uncomfortable when wet. Complete the look with a waterproof jacket to ensure you stay comfortable in wet weather conditions.

Is tight clothing better for running?

Compression running tops and leggings have a range of benefits. They provide a snug and supportive fit, which can help reduce muscle vibration and fatigue during high intensity runs or cardio-intense workouts. Compression running clothes can also improve circulation, which can help prevent injury and aid in muscle recovery.

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