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Lorna Jane Living Wage Commitment

Lorna Jane is committed to paying all its staff, wherever they may be located, an amount that is equal to or exceeds, the applicable living wage.

We are equally committed to continuing to work effectively with our direct factory supplier to ensure that its entire workforce is also paid, and continues to be paid, a living wage.

Accordingly, we will ensure that ongoing living wage audits are updated regularly on at least an annual basis to ensure complete worker coverage continues. We are committed to checking that:

  • fixed compensation is achievable without the need to work an excessive number of hours

  • our country payroll processes deliver employees’ full pay correctly and on time, every time

  • we have no issues of unequal pay between genders.

For 2023 we will work with our business partners to raise standards so that their employees are paid a living wage and are not subject to forced, compulsory, trafficked or child labour.

Lorna Jane upholds principles of responsible purchasing practices including itemising labour costs as a separate item in contracts. We do not anticipate our longstanding, single-factory supplier model will change in the foreseeable future. Consequently, Lorna Jane has full coverage in terms of a current wage gap analysis of all its tier 1 factory workers. Should further tier 1 factories be engaged in the future, we are committed to undertaking timely wage gap analysis in relation to any such additional workforce.

Lorna Jane adopts the Global Living Wage Coalition’s widely accepted definition:

“The remuneration received for a standard workweek by a worker in a particular place sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and her or his family. Elements of a decent standard of living include food, water, housing, education, health care, transportation, clothing, and other essential needs including provision for unexpected events.”

The right to a living wage is recognised by international instruments such as the UN Declaration of Human Rights, ILO Preamble, and the Rules for ILO Constitution and Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy.

Key findings for the 2022 Living Wage Factory Audit include:

  • Based on the Lorna Jane Ningbo Living Wage Calculations, all workers in the factory are being paid at an applicable rate that exceeds the calculated living wage for the region. The calculated excess margin between the applicable living wage and the amount being paid is approximately 5 Yuan per hour (calculated on an hourly rate basis).

Our apparel partners are aligned with our values and follow our Code of Conduct and share the same view on our responsibility towards people and planet.​​
Our apparel suppliers comply with global manufacturing standards set by the independent, non-profit WRAP – Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production and BSCI-Business Social Compliance Initiative and our internal Code of Conduct.​ ​

  • Ningbo Longson Garments Co. LTS. Chenghenglou Industry Zone, Gulin Town, Haishu Distrct, Nongbo Coty, Zhejiang Province, China.Accreditation: Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production Certification Program (WRAP)​
Date of publication Monday 7 March, 2022.​
We commit to reviewing and updating this list every 12 months.​